Boot iPhone or iPod Touch in verbose mode

To boot your iPhone or iPod touch always in verbose mode, which is actually very useless, but looks cool, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure BSD Subsystem is installed
  2. Make sure Term-vt100 is installed, or you are able to set up a ssh session via your mac or pc
  3. Open up the terminal on your portable or computer and type the folowing command:
    nvram boot-args="-v"
  4. and enter:
  5. Done.
  6. To go back to the normal boot logo:
    nvram boot-args=
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free ipod touch @ 24.12.2007 20:58 CEST
Thanks for the guide. I'll try booting into verbose in a little bit :)
MeMagoo @ 24.12.2007 23:22 CEST
And to see current, do:
nvram -p

You can also go into Safe Mode via Safe Boot by adding:

nvram boot-args="-v -x"

After clean up, put back to verbose:
nvram boot-args="-v"


Me Magoo
amine @ 21.02.2008 12:08 CEST
hello, i have a problem with my iphone , it's always i boot mode, and dosen't want to stop.
what to do.
lol @ 29.02.2008 23:33 CEST
@amine boot ur iphone into recovery by holding the home button and in the meantime connecting it to itunes.
hope that helps.
Francisco Maia @ 01.08.2008 02:25 CEST
> Make sure BSD Subsystem is installed
What is this and how do i install it? It doesn't work for me, maybe because i dont have the bsd subsystem installed.

Injerto @ 11.09.2008 19:29 CEST
thanks :)

remember to bee in root mode (su)
dan @ 15.12.2009 08:48 CEST
hi there, thanks much for the guide, i managed to do everthing listed, and the command went thu fine as root and everything with no errors, but after reboot, there was no change?

Am i forgetting something? Thanks for the help!
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